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Add More Accessories

What's considered an accessory?
Baseball Caps, T-shirts with custom logos, Mobile phones, Laptops, headphones, Books, Tattoos, bottles, .... etc.
What's considered standard portrait?
We will draw the face, body, casual clothing and 1 accessory per person.

Add Characters from the Show or special guest Celebrities

How many characters from the Show or special guest Celebrities can I add?
You can add up to 10 characters

Add Number of Characters



Select a Standard or Custom Background

What’s a Standard Background?
When purchasing a package with Background you have the option to select from our large selection of what we considered the most popular backgrounds: CLICK HERE to see all Standard Backgrounds

Also, we are now updating and adding more backgrounds to our selection taking our customer’s feedback in consideration:

What’s a Custom Background?

If you’re looking for something more personalized and special, we can also do it but as you know that requires more working hours on our part which is why we charge a small fee for custom backgrounds, anything you have in mind we’ll draw it.

Custom Background



Add Rush Delivery to My Order

What's the standard time frame for delivery?
4 to 6 business days, BUT, if you're in a RUSH, we can also have it ready in less than 48 hours (small fee applies).

Rush Delivery Service


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Number of People

1-4 People ($20), 5-8 People ($40), 9-12 People ($60)

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